About Project Genesius

Project Genesius is the on-going partnership between the rubber stamp and printing industry and the Metropolitan Police to prevent equipment and supplies getting into the hands of criminals who produce false identity documents; its main aim is to reduce the harm to the UK from criminal gangs who obtain stamps and specialist printing equipment from legitimate suppliers to use in the production of thousands of fake identity documents.

In 2008, the Executive Board of the Guild made the decision that all members of the Guild must sign up to the Project Genesius voluntary code of conduct. It is free to do and all members are encouraged to have in prominent positions on their websites and around their business premises, if appropriate, the so-called, Genesius Warning.

Not Just in London
Although the initiative has originated in London and is currently run by the Metropolitan Police the problem is not limited to London and the South East. Illegal document factories are set up all over the country and the criminals will try to source the equipment from all over the country. In the past, information provided by Guild members who are based outside London have resulted in success prosecutions by their own police forces.

Homeland Security in the United States have recently adopted the Project Genesius programme (including the operational name) and manufacturing participants in the US will be encouraged to put an almost identical logo and caveat on their websites in an effort to deter illegal ordering.

For more information about Project Genesius and how you can sign up to the Code of Conduct, please email Project Genesius at: [email protected]

Or visit www.projectgenesius.org.uk


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